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Containerised Boiler Plant Solutions

Boiler plants have always been the beating heart of industry, both for the working space and the processes within. These big, beautiful machines are vital to daily operations, but what happens when one fails, or it’s outgrown by the demands of the business it supports?

Annual Insurance and 5-yearly Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections are a statutory requirement for industrial steam boilers and high-pressure hot-water boilers. We recently provided our inspection preparation services for the Essity Paper Mill, and filmed what went into this vital function.

It's been another year of growth, welcoming new clients while continuing valued relationships, and enjoying both heritage projects and installations for sustainable futures. Our success in the last year could not have been possible without our fantastic team, our suppliers and of course our amazing and loyal customers!

It's been a busy year at our base in North Yorkshire and at sites across the UK. In this blog, we've put together a few images of the work we've been doing in 2021.