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Industrial Boiler Work 2019

2020 was a year unlike any other but, despite the restrictions, we kept busy in the workshop and were pleased to be able to undertake essential works around the UK for public sector clients such as the NHS. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the industrial and heritage boiler work completed in 2020.

Working to Support the NHS

We have several NHS Trust clients who have needed essential repair and servicing work on their boiler plants during the lockdown. Putting in place strict measures to protect our staff and customers we’ve been able to visit sites across the country.

This has included NTD insurance preparations for the East Lancashire Trust, a D-Patch repair on the boiler at the Royal Hampshire Hospital and the replacement of tubes on the boiler at Basingstoke Hospital.

While our efforts pale into insignificance when compared to the unbelievable sacrifices made by frontline NHS workers, it’s good to know we’ve helped in a small way.

Mobile Valve Overhauls

Our mobile service team has been busy throughout the year visiting facilities across the UK to inspect and recertify all types of steam boiler valves. All testing and certification can be carried out on-site, reducing costs and the time a boiler needs to be decommissioned. The service van is equipped with a bench and hydrostatic and pneumatic testing rig that uses water or nitrogen to measure leakage. Basic overhaul and repair works can be also carried out in the van and we carry a full stock of essential parts.

Streamlining Pipework Installations

 Streamlining Pipework Installations

In 2020 we began Phase Two of a large pipework replacement project at a large manufacturing facility in the North East. The project entails the complete replacement of the steam mainline pipework that services the packaging manufacturing equipment. Using 3-D modelling from the client’s 2-D floor plans we have been able to pre-fabricate 95% all the pipework, saving at least 30% of the time normally needed for on-site installation.

Pipework Fabrication Services

Containerised Boiler Plant Project

A project to design, build and instal a containerised steam boiler plant for Healeys Cyder Farm. The design process involved CAD 3D modelling to optimise the floor space of the container. They initially wanted a larger boiler but due to the limited space available for the new installation, it was proposed that the new boiler could be installed in a converted 20 ft container to be sited next to the production facility.

Read the Case Study


Steam Locomotive Projects

During 2020 we had several locos in our workshop for repair, rebuilds and inspections. One such is the RSH Loco Moorbarrow, originally built in 1955 for use by the National Coal Board and now operating on Gwili Steam Railway in South West Wales. The Moorbarrow has been through its 10-year insurance inspection, which included a full re-tube and remedial work to fix plate wastage. 

Locomotive Repairs and Rebuilds

Skid-Mounted Boiler Plant for Brewery

Skid Mounted Boiler Plant for Brewery

In 2020 we completed the build of a compact, skid-mounted boiler plant for a brewery based in South East of England. The new plant incorporates a reconditioned Fulton 30J steam boiler, hotwell tank, blowdown receiver, control unit and steam header, allowing for the quick connection to the pipework once on site. The custom-designed plant will enable the brewery to make the switch from electric to a steam-fired process with minimal downtime to its brewing operations.

Boiler D-Patch Repairs

D-Patch Repairs are required when defects in the shell, access tube, or furnace of the boiler are identified. Our engineers carry out D-patch repairs on all types of steam boiler. This video is from one of our projects in 2020 from London.