Case Studies

Client: Public Sector

Job: D-Patch Boiler Repair for Direct Mains Heating System

Location: London, UK


During a scheduled service and NDT inspection a fault was discovered in the access ring of the boiler. The NDT surveyor passed on his report and a method statement and schedule was formulated for undertaking the D-Patch repair.

Scope of Work

  • Once on site the defects in the access ring are marked and cut out with a oxy-propane torch
  • The area cut out for the patch undergoes a weld prep to prepare the surface before the installation.
  • The new patch is manufactured and shaped to fit
  • The new patch is tacked and inspected to meet standards
  • The patch is welded and grinded clean for a seamless finish
  • The patch is again NDT tested to ensure its integrity
  • The boiler is hydro tested as the final process before sign off.

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