Case Studies

Client: Pet Food Manufacturer

D-Patch Repair to Access Ring of a Wellman–Robey Steam Boiler

Scope of Work

During a scheduled service and NDT inspection a crack was discovered in the rear access ring of the boiler. On receipt of the location of the crack from the NDT surveyor, we quickly formulated a quotation and method statement for the work. Once approved, the material for the repair was obtained and rolled to the correct dimensions.

Our foreman boilermaker arrived on site with all the equipment to carry out the repair; cut the defective section of plate out; ground a prep on the new patch and access ring, and tacked the new plate into place. The “tack-up” was approved by the insurance surveyor, and the patch was fully welded up in position. Finally the new weld was re-tested and approved, a hydraulic test applied for the insurance surveyor was carried out, and the boiler boxed back up and returned to service.