Case Studies

Client: Paper Mill in Cumbria

Job: Preparation for Annual Insurance Inspection

Scope of Work

Due to limited downtime for the Babcock Steambloc Boiler, our engineers commence work on a Saturday morning, removing the 6” steam valves, klinger sight glasses, Hopkinson blowdown valves and feedwater valves and manlid and mudlids. The front doors are lifted down using certificated lifting equipment and the furnace, smoketubes and waterside of the boiler are cleaned. The flange faces are cleaned, ready for new gaskets. All the steam valves and lids etc are returned to our works where they are:

  • Fully stripped down
  • All internal components cleaned and inspected for wear and tear.
  • Re-assembled
  • Re-Packed using graphite packing material
  • Hydraulically Tested to 1½ times working pressure
  • Safety Valves re-set
  • Re-painted

The boiler is then re-built and handed back over by the following Friday afternoon.