Case Studies

Client: Crofton Pumping Station, Wiltshire

Job: Rivet Replacements on the Furnace to Tubeplate Attachment Ring of a Lancashire Boiler

Scope of Work

After receiving an invitation to tender, we generated a detailed report and quotation after a survey of the work in Wiltshire. We received the order and on a pre-arranged date arrived on-site where we began by burning out the approx 30 condemned rivets.

Once these had been burnt out using oxy-propane cutting torches, we then power reamed the holes to fair them true up to 13/16” in readiness for a ¾” rivet. We then readied our mobile furnace for rivet warming, and with the riveting team in place began gunning down the new rivets with pneumatic riveting hammers. The rivets heads and plate seams were then caulked to seal and finally a hydraulic test was applied to the satisfaction of all involved. The location and people we worked alongside were a pleasure to deal with.