Case Studies

Client: Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

Job: Re-Fireboxing and Rebuild Of RSH Locomotive Boiler

Scope of Work

McEwen Boilermakers received and off-loaded the boiler at our works. We then proceeded to remove the existing front tubeplate, inner firebox, smokebox and both sides of the outer firebox that had extensive wastage.

We used a set of 6” male and female die blocks for pressing out new endplates, these were then butt-welded to a newly hot formed firebox wrapper plate. The existing foundation ring was restored through welding and grinding.

Other work undertaken included:

  • Manufacture of Replacement Smokebox Tubeplate
  • Rolling and welding into situ of new outer firebox side sheets
  • New Smokebox
  • Fitting Of Firebox
  • Manufacture and Installation Of Welded Stays
  • New Main Steam Pipe
  • Overhaul Of Regulator

The boiler was finally hydraulically tested and steamed to the full satisfaction of the insurance inspector and re-united with the frames.