Case Studies

Client: Specialist Paper Manufacturer in Manchester

Job: Rivet Replacements on the Seams of a Kier Pressure Vessel

Scope of Work

Due to a large number of leaking rivet heads causing problems on sealing the Kier vessels, we were called in. We attended site, during a summer shut, with our mobile riveting equipment and carried out the replacement of approx 25 7/8” rivets on the seams of the Kier Vessel.

The timescale was tight due to the shut only being for a few days, so it was paramount that the work was completed on time and with success. We provided all the necessary documentation prior to work commencing such as Risk and Method statement, as well as material certification etc.The work was hot but satisfying, and we have returned to carry out similar repairs to another three of the Kier Vessels that are on-site.