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Vintage Boiler Manufacture

Vintage Boiler Manufacture Bespoke Steam Boilers

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We have the skills to both rebuild vintage boilers and also manufacture brand new steam boilers from scratch. This can also include the design of boilers to comply with the pressure equipment directive if necessary.

Over the years we have built:

  • Steam Boat Boilers
  • Steam Locomotive Boilers
  • Traction Engine Boilers
  • Shell Boilers

We can either build Riveted, Fully Welded or a mixture of both techniques, depending on the customer’s preference.


Custom Built Vintage Steam Boilers
Steam Boiler Manufacture
Shell Boiler Builds

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When it comes to service, quality and safety, our record speaks for itself. We are competitively priced without any compromise on quality. To find out how we could help, please contact us:

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