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Vintage Shell Boiler Repairs + Rebuilds

Shell Boiler Rebuilds and Repair Steam Boiler Specialists

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Vintage Shell Boilers such as Lancashire and Cornish Mill Boilers were once the heartbeat of the industrial revolution and kept boilermakers constantly busy. Today their numbers have drastically reduced, but steam organisations around the country have preserved them and from time to time repairs, big or small, are required.

These types of repair range from rivet replacements to the reclamation of plate surface wastage and, in some cases, to much larger shell and furnace replacements. No matter what job, McEwen Boilermakers have the skills to keep these remaining examples of early shell boilers alive and steaming.


Shell Boiler Rebuilds
Shell Boiler Furnace Replacements
Shell Boiler Reclamations

We have carried out restoration projects for leading museums and organisations in the country such as:

  • Twyford Waterworks
  • Beamish
  • Wigan Pier
  • Bancroft Mill
  • Crofton Pumping Station
  • Kew Bridge, London
  • Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester
  • Bradford Industrial Museum

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