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Industrial Boiler Hotwell Tanks

Industrial Boiler Hotwell Tanks Designed and Built to Suit Requirements

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Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing hotwell feedwater tanks enables us to specify the best solution to suit individual boilerhouse configurations and requirements. By getting simple factors correct such as feed water temperature, condensate distribution and effective efficiency controls, money can be saved on ever rising fuel costs.

These are several fundamental questions that organisations that operate steam boilers should be asking themselves. These include:

  • Is your Hotwell Tank lagged & cladded?
  • Does your Hotwell Tank require steam injection?
  • What temperature is your feed water?
  • Do you have full control of your feedwater level and temperature?

Getting any of these factors wrong can cause structural damage to the boiler and in the worst-case scenario cause the system to cease production completely. Hotwells also play a part in the overall energy efficiency of the boiler system.

Reducing Boiler Downtime

In many cases there is a requirement to keep boilerhouses operational while the hotwell is repaired or replaced. We supply and install temporary hotwell that ensures the minimum amount of boiler downtime while works are undertaken.

Modular and Multi Tank Designs


Modular hotwell tank design allows for ease of installation, particularly in boilerhouses where access and space are restricted. Our specially developed modular tank system can be scaled to suit any tank capacity and dramatically reduces the time required on site. In many cases we specify multiple tanks rather than a single hotwell. This ensures that in the event of a fault in a single tank, the boiler system can remain fully operational.

Control Systems

Our in-house developed hotwell control systems enable operators to regulate the water fill level and temperature within a tank and set alarms in the event of a rise or fall in both levels. Operated via an easy-to-use touchscreen HMI, the system is also designed to integrate with Building Management Systems for remote monitoring and operation.

Hotwell tanks are typically supplied:

  • Stainless or Carbon Steel
  • Fully Lagged & Cladded
  • Designed to Boilerhouse Requirements
  • Condensate Distribution
  • Manual or Automated Level and Temperature Controls
  • Flange or Screwed Connections
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