McEwen Boilermakers are a most efficient and professional boilerplant engineering company in anything they undertake, from the initial enquiry to the completion of the contract. Rigid Paper have employed McEwen's on the Boilerplant at our Selby site for about 15 years

We placed a contract with McEwen's to carry out the dismantling and disposal of redundant boiler plant at our Middleton, Manchester site. The contract included the removal of a two large oil fired Thompson-Cochran steam boilers, a 21 feet high heavy oil storage tank, which was drained, cleaned and certified "gas free", oil ring main pipework, circulating pumps, steam and condensate pipework, a hotwell tank, blowdown receiver and a 130ft high steel chimney.

I am pleased to report that McEwen Boilermaker's carried out the entire contract safely and left the whole site clean and tidy, keeping within timescale and budget. McEwen's approach to their work is extremely professional and I would recommend them unreservedly.

Frank Holden, Managing Director, Rigid Paper Limited