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Firebox Manufacture

Welded and Riveted Fireboxes Designed and Built to Requirements

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The manufacture of new fireboxes for all manner of steam boiler is a key part of our business. We generally recommend flanged endplates of either butt-welded or riveted design. Our reputation for high quality workmanship is renowned in traction engine circles. Whatever the design preferences of a client, we have the skills to build it.

Both riveted and welded types of firebox have their own merits. Riveted fireboxes keep the boiler as traditional in design as possible, whereas flanged and butt welded designs offer better heat transfer and can cause fewer long-term problems, such as leaking seams. We are always available to offer advice when choosing the correct design. Our welded or riveted fireboxes are usually finished to include the following:

  • Smoketube holes drilled in readiness for new tubes
  • Fusible Plug Bosses Welded into Firebox crown
  • Foundation Ring Fit to Firebox

We can also manufacture:

  • New Foundation Rings
  • New Firehole Door Rings
  • New Firebox Crown Girders
Firebox Replacements
Welded Firebox
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